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Abstracts must be submitted through the conference website. Submission by any other means, such as mail or email, will not be accepted. Do not make multiple submissions of the same abstract. Abstracts must be prepared in English.

A confirmation with the abstract reference code will automatically be sent to the email address given when submitted.

New Abstract Deadline March 3 2020


1. Each abstract, including references, is limited to 250 words.

2. Brief titles are preferred and will be more attractive in the program. Do not use capital letters.

3. Authors: First name and last name. e.g.: John Smith. Start with the presenting author.

4. Affiliations: Name of the institutional affiliation, city and country (no address).

5. Instead of using special characters, type the whole word: e.g ”alpha"


The size of the posters should be 90cm wide and 110cm in height. Help and material needed to put your poster on display will be provided on site of the conference. The poster should be printed and ready when arriving at the conference. You are expected to be available to answer questions about the poster as well as discussing your research during a designated time, specified in the conference program.