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Step 1:
Register your case and pay the submission fee

Step 2:
Complete your PPT-file and your Case Submission form and save them on your computer

Step 3:
Upload your PPT-file and Submission form (PDF) 

Step 4:
Send your tissue via regular post 

See detailed instructions below

Case submission instructions

Step 1: Register your case and pay the submission fee

  • Click on the button below to register your case and pay the submission fee.

Step 2: Complete your PPT file and your Case Submission form and save them on your computer

  • PPT or PDF Submission with relevant morphological images and immunostainings
  • Case text in PPT (or PDF) is limited to 3,500 characters
  • Please structure your case as follows:
    • Clinical Information
    • Description of Submitted Tissues
    • Details of Microscopic Findings
    • Immunophenotype
    • Cytogenetics
    • Molecular Studies
    • Proposed Diagnosis/ses
    • Interesting Feature(s) of Case
  •  All cases must contain original work and content that has not been published.
  • PPT max. 10MB
  • Use the provided PPT-template. Click here to download
  • Download and fill in your Case Submission Form. Click here to download
  • The case submission fee is 30 EUR (including 25% VAT).
  • Please check spelling and grammar carefully. All cases will be published as submitted.
  • Cases must be submitted in English.


Step 3: Upload your PPT file and Submission Form (PDF)

  • Within two working-days you will receive an e-mail with a request to upload your files to the conference Dropbox. Contact if you do not receive this e-mail.

Step 4: Send your tissue via regular post

  • Tissue Submission: 
    • Stained H&E and Giemsa Slides (required) from representative tissue. These slides will be used for any required additional review by the workshop panel and they may also be made available to all workshop attendees in the form of digital whole slide imaging, if your case is selected for individual presentation.
    • 10 unstained glasses for immunohistochemistry (required).
    • MGG stained bone marrow smear with cytological details should be illustrated as photos in the ppt/pdf
    • Please clearly label the slides with the Workshop Number generated at case submission (e.g. EBMWG 22 120)
    • Print out the Case Submission Formand send along with the glass slides.
    • Include contact details (email) of the submitting/corresponding author in the package that will be sent.
    • Please indicate that goods have “a commercial value of €1.00” to avoid customs and import duties.
  • Address:

Dept of Pathology
Sölvegatan 25 B
221 85, Lund, Sweden
℅ Karina Malmros