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EDiR Röntgenveckan 2021

6 September

Basic information

9. The following documents must be submitted and received by the EBR
office by the application deadline given:

(Send to

a. A proof of training indicating the duration of radiology training
and expected date of completion (if not completed) issued by the
training institution.
b. In cases where the duration of the training programme is less than
five years, a proof of experience as a supervised staff radiologist
is required.
c. A proof of profession provided by the current employing
hospital/institution (for corresponding members only).
d. A scanned copy of the candidate’s passport.

10.Completed documents should be provided in English.
11. Candidates are responsible for the validity of all documents and the
application data.

12. The application process will be closed four weeks before the examination
date or once there are no more places available.

13. All required documentation must be submitted by the end of the
application deadline.

14. Each applicant will be notified whether their application has been
accepted two weeks after the application deadline at the latest.

15. The fee for the European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) examination is:

a. €500 for full ESR members and ESR members in training.
b. €1,100 for corresponding ESR members.

16. Full payment must be received by the end of the application deadline.

17. Only applications for which full payment has been received will be

18. No refunds can be provided if an applicant withdraws their application,
or does not attend the examination.

19. If an applicant is unable to attend the examination due to a justified
cause of force majeure, the EBR will charge a fee for re-assigning the
candidate to a different examination date.

20. It is the ultimately candidate’s responsibility to ensure that they meet
the requirements concerning entry to any particular country for
attendance at the EDiR examination. The EBR has no control and cannot
accept any responsibility for this matter. Therefore, if a visa is required,
good preparation in advance is recommended. The candidate must
consider carefully whether there is a possibility the visa application will be
rejected or not processed in time. Examination fees are not refunded if
notification of withdrawal is received after the application closing date.

Further information about the examination is to be found in THIS DOCUMENT!

Attendee options


Attendee options

Other info

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