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Instructions for speakers & chairs

We are pleased and grateful that so many of our colleagues has accepted to speak and/or chair during the 7th Northern European Conference on Travel Medicine, NECTM7, in Stockholm, Sweden, May 2-4, 2018.

Instructions for speakers

1. You do not need to bring your own computer, only a USB memory stick. We recommend that you verify that the transfer to your memory stick was made correct.

2. Your first slide should show your name and the title of your presentation. 

3. On your second slide you may declare any potential or actual conflicts of interest. Please read about this below.

4. Please hand in your presentation to the technicians in the Speaker Service Center no later than two hours before your session. Wide screen (16:9) format is preferred. Our technicians are always available to assist you at the Speaker Service Center. Your presentation will be transmitted to the computer in the lecture hall at the right time for your talk.

5. If you bring your own laptop, please come to the Speaker Service Center no later than two hours before your lecture, so that we can check the resolution and screen outputs. If you have a Mac or a PC that does not have VGA or HDMI outputs, you will need to bring the necessary adapter. 

6. In all the lecture halls there will be a PC with PowerPoint (Office 365). Please use the default fonts/fonts found in the Office program. If you use other fonts, we ask you to attach the fonts separately. 

7. Ten minutes before your session starts, please make sure to meet up with the session chair and introduce yourself. 

8. Please make sure to respect the scheduled times and include at least 5 minutes of your time slot for questions. (For abstract presenters, time for questions is 2-3 minutes). 

9. If you want to add a live voting to your presentation we recommend that you use "Mentimeter" for this.
Click here to read the Guide "How to get started in seconds"

10. The auditors will be able to send you questions via ”Mentimeter”. How this works and what you need to know as a speaker is found HERE.

Conflict of Interest

As prerequisite for the CME certification all lecturers should declare possible links and financial support relevant to the presentation including collaboration / financial support from the pharmaceutical industry / medical equipment manufacturer. Declarations must also include whether any fee, honorarium or arrangement for re-imbursement of expenses in relation to the Congress has been provided. 

All speakers are requested to fill in the form provided (Click here to download the file) and send to Anna Zetterholm at MKON,  

The declarations will be made available on the website of the conference. 

Instructions for chairs

As Chair, you are responsible for the time being held by the speakers. Specify the time for each speaker. If the speaker seems to exceed the allocated time, you may announce that it is 1 minute left and ask the speaker to summarize the presentation. Alternatively, simply stand up and make sure the speaker is aware of your action.

Start the session exactly on time.

The speakers are instructed to include a minimum of 5 minutes (2-3 minutes for abstracts presentations) of their time slot for questions. 

When there are two Chairs for the same session, plan in advance how and by whom the speakers are introduced.

Prepare one question for each speaker. Questions from the audience have priority during the discussion following the presentations.

The session should always end on the scheduled time.


Please click here to view and download the full scientific program

All speakers are requested to fill in the form regarding Conflict of Interest and send to Anna Zetterholm at MKON,
Click here to download the COI form 

Click here to read the instructions for the live voting system.

Click here to read the instructions for Q&A from the audience.

Click here to download the logos of NECTM7