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NordicEPI 2017

13-15 September

Health and demographic inequalities
Effects of socioeconomic inequalities during the life course
Socioeconomic determinants of health
Inequalities in access and use of health care
Socioeconomic consequences of illness
Geographical differences in environmental exposures and health

Early life and intergenerational studies
Early life and intergenerational determinants of later life outcomes
Effects of environmental exposures early in life
Family structure and health

Methodological issues in register-based research
Causal inference from observational data
Life course studies and family based designs
Current trends in methodology in register-based research
Population-based cohorts – current trends, methods and infrastructure

Nordic cooperation on register research and infrastructure
Cross-border co-operations in the Nordic countries: topics, methods and data exchange
Cross-border comparative studies
Fertility differences and reproductive health in the Nordic countries
Immigration and public health in the Nordic countries

Current trends in cancer epidemiology
Epidemiologic transition
Health and welfare aspects of population ageing