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Dear sponsors and exibitors,

We hereby welcome you to the 1st ENO conference and the 3rd EANS trauma and critical care update meeting “in real life” in Lund, Sweden, Dec 12-14 2021.

2020 has been a tough year. The COVID-19 epidemic has had a crippling impact on many areas of research and also upon the continuing scientific education of researchers and clinicians. In the field of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), this is especially so. There is an urgent need to reassume research collaboration and educational efforts. A large part of this is the ability to hold conferences, “in real life”. Most of us have been forced to adapt to various on-line solutions for these purposes. Although some aspects may be fulfilled by this method, we all agree that meeting “in real life” is essential for optimal progress. We also recognize that sponsors have been unsatisfied with the recent developments and fully understand the need to these encounters also to be face-to-face, rather than though a computer.

However, with ingoing vaccinations and an anticipated lift of travel restrictions after the summer, we feel that a meeting “in real life” should be possible at the end of the year.

Globally, there is an increasing incidence of traumatic injuries to the brain and spinal cord. In the Western societies, traumatic brain injuries are the most common cause of death and persistent disabilities in young individuals. Despite a lack of strong scientific evidence, scarcity of specific treatments and variations in clinical practice, there is considerable enthusiasm for the development of novel treatments and technologies for Neurotrauma patients.

The EANS (, European Association of Neurosurgical Societies, is the largest neurosurgical association in Europe and has numerous collaborations and affiliations throughout the world. The EANS is devoted to neurosurgical education and promoting neurosurgical research through collaborations with other societies including critical care, emergency medicine and radiology. The EANS Section of Trauma & Critical is one of the largest sections and is increasingly active, due to the large interest in neurotrauma across Europe. The 1st EANS Trauma and Critical Care Update Meeting was held in conjunction with the ST Lucia celebrations in Lund, Sweden, in December 2018. Following this, a 2nd meeting was held in Messina, Sicily, in 2019. Due to the current epidemic, a meeting last year was not feasible.

The ENO is a newly started initiative, formed to facilitate research efforts and clinical collaborations in Europe concerning TBI.

This meeting will appeal to clinical specialists, as well as clinicians undergoing specialist training, in areas such as emergency medicine, neurosurgery, anesthesiology, intensive care, neurology, surgery, rehabilitation medicine, radiology, neuropsychology, clinical chemistry, and coagulation medicine.

Considering the central role of EANS and ENO, and is collaboration with many other societies, there are excellent possibilities to attract many visitors to this meeting. Recruitment of attendees is already in motion.

The preliminary programs for both the ENO and EANS is available now. The EANS sessions topics include recent surgical advancements in the field, neurotrauma in sports, aspects of global neurotrauma and neurointensive care and long-term consequences following TBI. Also, we will arrange a session on emerging and novel strategies in TBI management and end with a special topic concerning TBI controversies and the challenges related to these. Concerning the ENO, focus will be on collaboration and discussions in order specific areas of TBI

Specially invited top international speakers will be present. Among these are Prof Andrew Maas, Prof Peter Hutchinson, Prof. Inga Körte, Prof Randy Chestnut, Prof David Menon and many more…..

As with the 1st EANS trauma and critical care meeting, we will host this meeting during the traditional Swedish St Lucia celebrations in Lund, Sweden. We hope that you will come and join us in Lund for this exciting meeting!

These meetings differ somewhat in content and the target audience, but both have a similar goal of advancing the care of TBI patients. As a sponsor, you can be involved with either meetings or both (at a reduced price). Please see the website for specific details.

Warm regards,

Niklas Marklund och Johan Undén