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Scandinavian Venous Forum 2024

28-29 November

Welcome to Scandinavian Venous Forum’s annual meeting 2024

Join us in 2024 for the relaunched Scandinavian vein meeting under our own auspices.
Take the opportunity to discuss and learn about venous pathology and treatment.

Scandinavian Venous Forum (SVF) invites all Scandinavian colleagues interested in veins, leg swelling and lymphedema to a lunch-to-lunch meeting. Take part in exciting and rewarding talks, dialogues, and discussions, which continues throughout the evening.

- Meet experts in lymphedema treatment.
- Improve your treatment skills, key note lecture on sclerotherapy from UIP's president Sergio Gianesini.
- What do you do if you have a brilliant idea and invention? From idea to product within the medtech sector!
- Create a treatment algorithm for pelvic varices and pelvic venous disorder depending on anatomy.
- How do we measure treatment effect? The use of venous scoring systems in your daily practice.
-Cost effectiveness of superficial venous incompetence treatment. Can we quantify venous disease and put it in relation          to treatment cost?
- Hybrid treatment for iliofemoral PTS, a feasible option for the complex PTS patient?

 Key Note speaker is Sergio Gianesini, MD, PhD, FACS and UIP 2023-2027 President

SVF welcomes you to join us in Sollentuna just outside of Stockholm the 28th to 29th of November 2024.
Language during the meeting will be English.

Thank´s to our Sponsors

Becton Dickinson Sweden AB