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SPS 2018

2-3 December

Workshop in Structural & TOP DOWN Proteomics 
17th Swedish Proteomics Symposium

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Sunday December 2th

11:30-12:00  Registration and sandwiches 

12:00-12:10  Welcome and introduction –Sven Kjellström, Lund University

12:10-12:40  Introduction to HDX Mass Spectrometry –Thomas Jorgensen, Southern Denmark University

12:40-13:10  Introduction to CXMS Mass Spectrometry –Andrea Sinz, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

13:10-13:40  MS methods for Structural Proteomics  –Rosa Viner, Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose

13:40-14:00  CASES and PROJECTS – Round Table Discussions

14:30-15:10  Top-Down Proteomics – Neil Kelleher, North Western University

15:10-15.30  TOP DOWN STUDIES – Opportunities and Developments

15:30-16:20  Guided TOUR at M2S-“CENTER OF EXCELLENCE” in  Lund