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The fees are stated excluding VAT (Value Added Tax). Please note, in accordance with Swedish VAT requirements, different rules apply for different countries. All delegates are required to pay VAT on social events and hotel.

Country within EU (except Sweden)
For delegates representing an affiliation/organization from an EU country, a valid VAT number for the affiliation/organization is mandatory (otherwise 25 % VAT will be added to your registration fee). It is important that the VAT number is stated exactly according to EU standards. Click here to see the number structure of each member state.

Country outside EU
Delegates representing an affiliation/organization from a non-EU country can register without a VAT number. VAT will not be added. You still need to fill in the name of your affiliation/organization.

Delegates representing a Swedish affiliation/organization are required to pay VAT on the registration fee (25%).

Private persons (from all countries) are required to pay VAT on the registration fee (25%).