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Scientific program

(Preliminary session titles, program in progress)

Activation and modulation of membrane proteins
Artificial intelligence applications in biophysics
Biophysics of biological barriers
Biophysics of viruses
Biomimetic systems
Biophysics of the green transition
Cellular biophysics of neurodegeneration
Cell mechanics and forces in health and disease
Computational biophysics
DNA and RNA biophysics
Ionic liquids
Liquid-liquid phase separation and intrinsic disorder
Membranes and membrane proteins: structure, function and dynamics
Molecular motors and machines
Neutrons in biophysics and life science
New and notable
Novel methods for cell biophysics
Novel cellular imaging and spectroscopic techniques
Prediction of protein folds and interactions
Protein dynamics – transient and invisible states
Protein structure and function
Protein folding and assembly
Predicting protein structure and interactions
Self-organized systems
Single-molecule biophysics

Time-resolved biology and biophysics