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Exhibiting and stand construction
The exhibitor will be responsible for the erection, fitting and dismantling of his stand. 

Times for setting up and dismantling:
Setting up: Wednesday 7 September, 13:00 - 17:00
Dismantling: Friday 9 September, 12:30 - 17:00

Approval must be obtained from Marina Congress Center in advance for the following:
-the location of any object weighing more than 400 kg
-structures and fittings higher than 250 cm

No exhibits or publicity products may be mounted on the floor, walls, ceiling or columns. The exhibitor will be liable for any damage caused by him to the building or the exhibition area.

Raised floors, special structures and overhead decks, and the use of carpet tapes must be negotiated with Marina Congress Center. Carpet and wall tapes must be removed after the event.

The time and place of any sawing, planing or polishing must be agreed with Marina Congress Center. Painting is prohibited on the exhibition stand.
The displaying of motor vehicles must be agreed in advance with Marina Congress Center.

Any garbage and material are not allowed to leave in the stands. The goods and material deliveries afterwards must always be agreed with Conference host/-ess or Floor Assistant. The garbage will be removed by exhibitor to the point shown for this purpose. The exhibitors must ensure the exhibition carpets are carried out. The carpets are hazardous waste and Marina Congress Center will charge starting from 100 € / carpet if the carpet is left at the Marina Congress Center for further treatment.

Catering services
Scandic Hotels Oy/Marina Congress Center has exclusive catering rights. Exhibitors may not serve any products brought to the stand themselves apart from their own company’s sweets with the company logo.
The catering services will be ordered in advance from MKON.

Please contact: tel +46 (0)708 669967

Transport and storage
Marina Congress Center has a loading dock and platform adjoining the goods lift. The internal dimensions of this service lift are as follows: door width 2500 mm, door height 2250 mm, lift depth 3600 mm. The carrying capacity of the lift is 5000 kg.

As a rule, Marina Congress Center has no storage facilities for incoming exhibition goods or other materials.

In case material and goods will be delivered before the event, send it to:

Scandic Marina Congress Center
Katajanokanlaituri 6
00160 Helsinki

The shipment must include following information:

”SATS Meeting"
The receiver/contact person of exhibitor and mobile number

Important: They cannot receive any material earlier than the week of the event!
The exhibitor will be responsible for the reception, unpacking and storing of his goods and for their removal after the exhibition.

Marina Congress Center is responsible for the general cleaning of the exhibition areas. Cleaning includes vacuuming/cleaning the floor and emptying litter basket. Exhibitors can, however, agree with Marina Congress Center about cleaning for a fee.

Fire precautions and other safety measures
Marina Congress Center is equipped with an automatic alarm and sprinkler system. Written permission must be obtained in advance for any work with a naked flame. The person conducting any unauthorised work will be liable for any damage caused. The current fire safety regulations and legislation must be observed at all times. Permission must be sought in advance from the fire authorities for the use of any equipment carrying a fire risk. The legislation and regulations on fire safety must be observed at all times.

The exhibitor must pay special attention to the following safety aspects:
-emergency exits
-fire safe building materials: carpets, textiles
-inflammable liquids or combustible gas, which may not as a rule be stored or used in the building
-the location of smoke and heat detectors and sprinkler nozzles
-open fire
-safe storage of material

Electric power supply and electrical installations
Marina Congress Center is responsible for the general lighting of the exhibition areas. The main electricity supply is alternating current at 220/380 V, 50 Hz. The exhibitor must order the electricity and any electrical installations required from MCC. MCC will not be responsible for any damage caused by a power failure. The exhibitor, in his capacity as owner, will be responsible for any electric appliances he has brought to the stand.

Marina Congress Center is responsible for fire protection and general order, but not for any damage to or loss of goods, structures or other materials on the stands unless a separate security agreement is made with Marina Congress Center.

Insurance The exhibitor must take out any liability and goods insurance he deems necessary at his own expense. Marina Congress Center will not assume any responsibility for property stored or left on the premises unless a separate security agreement has been made with Marina Congress Center.

The insurance policies held by Marina Congress Center cover any damage caused to a third party by the actions of Marina Congress Center´s own employees or by any Marina Congress Center devices or buildings.

Official and other permits
The organisers of exhibitions and exhibitors must obtain any official permits required at their own expense.
Under the Copyright Act, the exhibitor must pay the copyright fees for any music performed by him on his stand.
Direct sales are permitted on the stand only by special agreement.


Scandic Marina Congress Center retains exclusive right to provide catering within the facilities. Exhibitors are not allowed to serve any own products at the stands.
Coffee / tea will be charged based on consumption. All opened bottles will be charged for.
Food products and orange juice will be charged as pre-ordered.

Please contact: tel +46 (0)708 669967

Deadline for ordering no later than 29 August!

Coffee / tea
Novelle still water (minimum order 24 bottles)
Novelle mineral water (minimum order 24 bottles)
Novelle plus drink (minimum order 24 bottles)
White wine (Bio Bio Chardonnay)
Red wine (Bio Bio Merlot)
Sparkling wine (Bio Bio Spumante)

Something salty

Taffel potato crisps 35g bag (minimum order 35 portions)
Smoked ham pie (about. 3x3cm, minimum order 20 pieces)
Cheese and spinach pie (about. 3x3cm, minimum order 20 pieces)
Reindeer in rieska wrap (minimum order 20 cocktail wraps)
Cold-smoked salmon in rieska wrap (minimum order 20 cocktail wraps)
Blue cheese petit chou (minimum order 20 pieces)
Smoked salmon petit chou (minimum order 20 pieces)
Cheese plate 1 kg
Salt sticks and crisps

Something sweet

Whole fruit
Fruit salad (minimum order 20 portions)
Alpen bar (fruit, chocolate or nuts, minimum order 50 pieces)
Fazer wrapped chocolates
Fazer Marianne wrapped sweet
Fazer Suffeli bar (minimum order 80 pieces)
Fazer Geisha bar (minimum order 35 pieces)
Fazerina bar (minimum order 35 pieces)
Macaroons 2 pieces
Brunberg´s kisses (selection of flavours) minimum order 1 box of 25 pc


Table 45 x 125 cm
Table 70 x 140 cm
High table, diameter 60 cm
Bar stool
Table cloth
Poster stands ( 95cmx128cm, 68cmx108cm)
Led monitor LCD screen 47 ” with stand


Power supply 10A (standard) max 1kW (1 x 16A)
Power supply 16A max 3kW (1 x 16 A)
Power supply 3 x 16A max 10 kW
Power supply 3 x 32A max 16 kW
Power supply 3 x 63A max 39 kW
Additional extension cord / Power supply 10A

Prices excluding VAT.

12,70 € / liter
4,30 € / bottle (0,25l)
5,50 € / bottle (0,5l)
5,50 € / bottle (0,5l)
5,50 € / bottle (0,5l)
42,50 € / bottle (0,75l)
42,50 € / bottle (0,75l)
42,50 € / bottle (0,75l)

1,60 € / portion
3,00 € / piece
3,00€ / piece
3,60 € / cocktail wrap
3,60 € / cocktail wrap
2,60 € / piece
2,60 € / piece
70 € / kg
21,00 € / kg

1,00 € / piece
2,50 € / portion
1,30 € / piece
30,00 € / kg
20,00 € / kg
1,00 € / piece
1,80 € / piece
1,80 € / piece
4,90 € / 2 pieces
50 € / box


10 € / item
20 € / item
20 € / item
20 € / item
15 € / item
10 € / item
45€ each / event
250 € each / day (electricity needed)

125 € / unit
175 € / unit
275 € / unit
425 € / unit
665 € / unit
25 € / unit