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Mr Tomas Eneroth

Minister of Infrastructure Sweden

Ms Lena Erixon

General Director for the Swedish Transport Administration, 2016-2020

Mr Henrik Henriksson

President and CEO Scania

Mr Bengt Hergart

Bengt works as a property Director of Øresundsbron

The Öresund bridge 20 years – A connection in constant development

The Öresund bridge is 20 year this year. From a property management point of view the bridge has passing through several different phases. With focus on the present situation and the upcoming digitalization you will hear what has been important during these phases.

Prof. Amy Loutfi

Professor, Head of Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems
Department of Science and Technology
University of Örebro, Sweden

Mr Sami Luoma

Sami works as a senior advisor on ITS at ITM Finland. His responsibilities include projects related to intelligent transport, international affairs, preparedness duties and safety issues.

About “Experiences of automated transport test environment in arctic conditions – Aurora”

Intelligent transportation and automatization of traffic are bringing changes to people’s mobility and driving. Total of 10 km of instrumented road on the E8 in Lapland has created opportunities for developing automated driving in arctic conditions. Testers have had the possibility to use the test ecosystem free of charge during the past few winters. The main incentive for development of intelligent transport is seen the benefits of automation to traffic safety – human errors cause more than 94 % of traffic accidents. The arctic challenge 2017-2019 R&D -programme  studied intelligent infrastructure and road vehicle automation solutions and their performance and impacts in arctic conditions. Some of the result highlights of Aurora test environment will be given in the presentation.

Mr Jens Ole Hansen

Jens works as a COO at ForSea AB in Helsingborg, Sweden

Towards a more sustainable future with the world's largest battery ships!

ForSea operates a sustainable ferry route, deploying state-of-the art technology to lessen the impact on the environment, while constantly striving to strengthen regional integration around Øresund. After a 4 year long journey, ForSea has initiated the introduction of full battery operation on the two ferries Tycho Brahe and Aurora to further reduce the ferries’ environmental impact. The conversion to battery operation means that ForSea today has two vessels that are completely emission-free in electric power and that the business can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 65%.