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Idrottsmedicinskt Höstmöte 2021

30 september - 1 oktober

Speaker Instructions

The congress’s two tracks will be broadcasted as two Zoom Webinars. Zoom Webinar is Zoom’s product designed for lectures where the participants/listeners are not expected to reply. Listeners will be able to ask questions via text, but not be able to turn on their audio or video without permission from one of the hosts.

Those who have used Zoom before, for example for a video conference, will recognise the look in the webinar product. The two products work essentially the same, except in the webinar only a select few (you as a speaker - called panelist by Zoom) will be allowed to talk, turn on video and show images/presentations.

Zoom will in most instances automatically keep track of your permissions for the event, based on what e-mail you input when you connect. In case this for some reason does not work, we will find you in the list of participants and make sure you have the right credentials to speak. In case this happens, it is important you give your proper name when you connect to the webinar.

Below is a link to YouTube where I do a quick walkthrough on how Zoom webinars works and what to think about.

Link to walkthrough:

Via the link you can connect to a test Zoom meeting and make sure that your audio and video work and that you can share a presentation.

Other important information to know:

Zoom works both as an installed application on your computer and in the browser. Zoom works absolutely best as an installed application, which is the option we recommend. Please remember to make sure you have the latest version installed of Zoom:

For those who are unable to install Zoom on their computer, Zoom also runs in the browser. For instructions and information on which browsers work, please visit:

Things to keep in mind:

-Make sure your internet connection is quick and stable enough. Zoom recommends a connection speed of at least 1,5 megabits/s to attend a Zoom event. You may check your connection speed here:
-Be sure to be seated in a quiet location when speaking. For example children, pets, and talking coworkers will get picked up by Zoom and detract from your presentation.
-If your camera is turned on (which we prefer), try to minimise backlight by for example not sitting in front of or right next to a window. Another tip is to place the camera in eye height in order to avoid filming from below. If you are using your laptop’s built in camera you can place your computer on a couple of books.


Please be sure to connect to the Zoom webinar at least 10 minutes before it is you turn to speak. There are many speakers within a short period of time, which means several speakers will be connected to the webinar at the same time. In order to avoid disruptions and to minimize delays, please be sure not to turn on your audio and video until asked by the moderator. Once you are finished speaking, please remeber to turn off your audio and video again.