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NNC 2019, November in Lund, Sweden! 

The Scandinavian Neurotrauma Committee (SNC) is proud to present this multidisciplinary meeting place for clinicians and researchers interested in the exciting field of neurotrauma. The Nordic countries have a rich history in developing current neurotrauma care with on-going dedication and progress in many different areas of the field. Neurotrauma injuries are still amongst the most common indications to seek emergency care and account for the highest mortality in younger adults. The brain is still relatively poorly understood and current efforts aim to improve our understanding of the mechanisms and care of brain injuries. 

As we all can acknowledge, neurotrauma care is no doubt a multidisciplinary discipline. This upcoming meeting will appeal to both clinical specialists, as well as clinicians undergoing specialist training, in areas such as emergency medicine, neurosurgery, anaesthesiology, intensive care, neurology, general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, rehabilitation medicine, pain medicine, radiology, neuropsychology, clinical chemistry, coagulation medicine and vascular surgery. 

We aim to hold a meeting that reflects the clinical reality. Hence, the NNC meeting will have a clinical patient-oriented emphasis, although experimental/animal research with obvious clinical implications will also be encouraged. Topics, such as Prehospital Care, ER management, Coagulation in Neurotrauma, Spinal Cord Injuries, Neurotrauma in Sports, Imaging in Neurotrauma, Neurobiomarkers, Neurointensive Care and Rehabilitation will ensure that this clinical multidisciplinary aspect we feel so important is widely covered. We will also incorporate interactive sessions as much as possible in order to involve participants in these important subjects. Specially invited top international speakers will present new exciting data and discuss important clinical problems. There will be opportunities to present abstracts, both as posters and oral presentations, with a special prize, the Bertil Romner Award, for the best abstract. 

We aim to have an exciting and relevant educational program, which gives those who undergo specialist training a chance to learn from the experts in the field. This will take place in the form of workshops, interactive presentations and interactive surveys on current practices. Also, we will strive to initiate a research platform within the NNC, involving multicentre, international, high quality research projects and guidelines. 

The first NNC meeting, in November 2017, was a great success with 260 participants. Although the majority were from the Nordic countries, we had delegates from 14 countries, from New Zealand to Ethiopia and the USA. The feedback from the post-conference survey showed overwhelmingly excellent reviews.

NNC will be a biennial, eagerly awaited event and gathering place for all those interested in the clinical care and research in neurotrauma. 

We look forward to seeing you in Lund in November 2019! 


Johan Undén and Niklas Marklund, head organisers

Knut Wester, president, SNC

on behalf of the Scandinavian Neurotrauma Committee