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SATS/Swedish Thoracic Meeting 2019

4-6 September

Speaker instructions

1. You do not need to bring your own computer, only a USB memory stick. We recommend that you verify that the transfer to your memory stick was made correct.

2. Please hand in your presentation to the technicians in the hall no later than two hours before your session. Wide screen (16:9) format is preferred. Our technicians are always available to assist you.

3. If you bring your own laptop, please contact the technician on site no later than two hours before your lecture, so that we can check the resolution and screen outputs. If you have a Mac or a PC that does not have VGA or HDMI outputs, you will need to bring the necessary adapter.

4. In all the lecture halls there will be a PC with PowerPoint (Office 365). Please use the default fonts/fonts found in the Office program. If you use other fonts, we ask you to attach the fonts separately.

5. The auditors will be able to send you questions via the meeting’s app. The questions will be received by the chair who will forward them to you.

6. In the meeting’s app is also a live voting system, ”Audience response”.

Please read the separate instructions for how to use this below.

The meeting’s app

Please follow the below instructions if you wish to download the meetings app.

The app ”MKON” is available directly from Google Play and App Store.

Download ”MKON” and chose the event ”SATS2019”.

You don’t need a code to access the event.

Audience response system

The app will function as a classical audience response device.

Under ”Dialouge” in the main meny, there will be a view that has eight possible answers (1-8). The presenter can thus have up to eight possible options per question. It’s possible to have several questions during your talk.The audience response result will be shown on a separate website. This all means that the app and system is always ready to be used as audience response and does not need to be set up for each session.


• Prepare questions with up to eight options in your presentation. The audience can only vote on one optionper question.

• Inform the organizer in advance and the technicians before the session that you will use audience response.The technicians will prepare the display of the results, which occurs on a separate website and switch betweenyour presentation and the results after the question and options have been read.You don’t have to send your questions to the organizers in advance.


1. When it’s time to use the audience response you read the question and options. The audience will then be able to vote in the app.

2. On your command the technicians will change from the presentation mode to the results and show the answers in the form of the options 1-8.

3. Upon completion of voting, the technicians will switch back from the website to the presentation mode again.

4. In the case of multiple questions during the same lecture, the technicians prepares a new result page between each question and the process of switching between the presentation mode and the website, after reading the questions is repeated.