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Information for speakers and chairs

Thank you for being a part of SSHNO 2024!
We are pleased and grateful that so many of our colleagues have accepted to speak and/or chair during SSHNO 2024 in Lund, Sweden, April 18 - 20.

As an invited speaker/chair, you need to register for the meeting. You have earlier received an email with a registration link. If you still need to register for the meeting, we are happy if you do so as soon as possible so that we can plan for your presentation.

Instructions for speakers
As a speaker, you need to upload your presentation to the lecturer hall no later than two hours before your session. Go to the lecturer hall and there will be technicians there to help you. Please bring your presentation on a USB, 
if you use external files, please attach them to the same folder as your presentation. Widescreen, PowerPoint (16:9) format is preferred. Your first slide should show your name and the title of your presentation. Your presentation should included few minutes for Q&A. Don’t know when you will give your presentation? See the scientific program here.

Our technicians can always assist you. Your presentation will be transmitted to the computer in the lecture hall at the right time for your talk. 

On your USB, name the folder like this: DAY.SESSION TIME.LAST NAME
Example: Monday.09.10.Svensson

Instructions for chairs
As chair, you are responsible for the time being held by the speakers. If someone delays, it affects the entire program and subsequent lectures. So it’s very important that we keep track of time.

Questions from the audience will be asked orally. As chair, you will assist with the microphone to those who want to ask a question. Prepare one question for each speaker. Questions from the audience have priority during the discussion following the presentations.

Instructions for abstract presenters

All the abstract presenters has been informed with all the detailed information on email March 26th.

If you have any questions you don’t find the answer to in all the above information, you are welcome to contact Malin at MKON,