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Instructions for speakers and chairs

Thank you for being a part of WASOG 2023!

We are pleased and grateful that so many of our colleagues have accepted to speak and/or chair during WASOG 2023 in Stockholm, Sweden, June 19 - 21.

As an invited speaker/chair, you need to register for the meeting. You have earlier received an email with a registration link. If you still need to register for the meeting, we are happy if you do so as soon as possible so that we can plan for your presentation.

Instructions for speakers

As a speaker, you need to upload your presentation to the speaker service ”Green Room” through the Dropbox link down below. Please upload your presentation to the technicians no later than two hours before your session. if you use external files, please attach them to the same folder as your presentation. Widescreen, PowerPoint (16:9) format is preferred. Your first slide should show your name and the title of your presentation. Your presentation should be 10 minutes and 5 minutes for Q&A. Don’t know when you will give your presentation? See the scientific program here.

If you are assigned as an introducer in the session, your presentation should be 10 minutes and offer an intro and perspective on the challenges/methods related to the Session Topic and how the talks from session speakers will bridge the knowledge gap.
If you are assigned as a summarizer in the session, your presentation should be 10 minutes and offer a brief summary of all the talks and overall perspective on how the talks have addressed some of the current issues and challenges and what would need to be done in the future to reach the goals of precision medicine in ILDs.
Both introducers and summarizers are advised to use the titles of the talks to create the presentations for the assigned session. This implies that introducers/summarizers shall have a presentation before listening to the talks. Introducers/Summarizers are also welcome to contact the speakers in advance if they wish to address further details about the topic.

Our technicians can always assist you in the "Green Room”. Your presentation will be transmitted to the computer in the lecture hall at the right time for your talk. Just click on the link below and follow the instructions.

Name the folder like this: DAY.ROOM.SESSION TIME.LAST NAME
Example: Monday.erlingpersson.09.10.Svensson

Upload your presentation here: 

If you do not upload your presentation like the instructions above, please bring your presentation on a USB memory stick. We recommend that you control that the transfer to USB is correct. You do not need to bring your own computer, there is a special presentation computer in the lecture hall, the “Green Room” located on the 4th floor in the Aula Medica. You reach floor 4 with an elevator behind the poster area on the ground floor. To the left of the door is a button box, where you must have a code you received from us during registration or in an earlier email. We would like you as a speaker to go to the lecturer service ”Green Room” to upload your presentation no later than 2 hours before your scheduled talk.

Opening hours for speaker service ”Green Room”:
Monday 19/6 08:00-17:00
Tuesday 20/6 07:30-16:30
Wednesday 21/6 07:30-16:30

All the sessions will be filmed and made available on-demand to registered participants until the end of the year. If you do not consent to this, please let us know before the conference starts on June 19, 2023. Send an email to

Instructions for chairs

As chair, you are responsible for the time being held by the speakers. If someone delays, it affects the entire program and subsequent lectures. So it’s very important that we keep track of time.

Questions from the audience will be asked orally. As chair, you will assist with the microphone to those who want to ask a question. Prepare one question for each speaker. Questions from the audience have priority during the discussion following the presentations.

Panel discussion (20 min):
The chairs have the role of moderating the discussion among the speakers in the session and taking questions from the audience.

Poster Moderated Session:
As chair, you are responsible for the time being held by the speakers: a 7-minute presentation and a 3-minute Q&A. Prepare one question for each speaker.

Poster Talk Session:
As chair, you will guide the poster judges to the scheduled assigned times for the presenters. You should also assist with the microphone and be responsible for the time being held by the speakers: a 2-minute presentation and a 1-minute Q&A. See the program for Poster talk sessions here.

Instructions for poster presenters

Poster Moderated Session:
Have you got an accepted abstract with poster presentation? See the scientific program here and look for the specific time when you will give your presentation. 7 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A. You have previously received more information through email.

Poster Talk Session:
Will you present at the 3-minute Poster Talk Session? See your specific presentation time here. 2 minutes for presentation and 1 minute for Q&A. You have previously received more information through email.

Preparation for Your Poster Presentation:
Each author will have an allocated poster board area measuring 2'75" (84 cm) wide x 3'9" (119 cm) high. This is a portrait/vertical format. Poster materials may not extend outside the assigned half-board. See Preparing Effective Posters for formatting instructions. Read more about the poster presentation here.

Poster Mounting and Removal:
Authors must put up their posters on Monday, June 19, from 07:00 to 11:00 and take them down on Wednesday, June 21, by 17:00. Authors must be present at their boards for their scheduled presentation time. Posters should remain on the boards for all three days.


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If you have any questions you don’t find the answer to in all the above information, you are welcome to contact Malin at MKON,

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