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Usefull information for Exhibitors

Moving in: Sunday 18 June, 13:00 - 17:00
Dismantling: Wednesday 21 June, 14:50 - 17:00

*Please check what is included in your package.

If you wish to order anything else (that is not included in your package) for your stand please contact City Expo,

Kostas Grintzos 
Monterservice Hyrcity Expo AB  
Fagerstagatan 52
S-163 53 SPÅNGA
Tel   +46 8 764 46 44
Mob +46 707 71 22 52


Delivery of material to the venue

Delivery address Load intake: 
Solnavägen 7B, 
171 65 Solna
Telephone: +46 08-524 822 00

Deliveries can take place the week before the event, Tuesday June 13 - Friday June 16, 9.00-15.00 (weekdays only).
Please call ahead and arrange for your delivery: +46
 08 - 524 822 00

Goods handling and loading/unloading of props etc. must take place via the designated rear entrance from Solnavägen 7B and further into the building via designated transport routes.

ATTENTION! There is no loading dock. Which means that goods must be transported by vehicles that can take goods down to ground level.

Delivery by vehicle takes place according to instructions from your contact person at Aula Medica. Vehicles must be moved as soon as possible after unloading/loading and can be parked in free spaces in the immediate area.

They do not accept goods that are classified as environmentally hazardous.

Notify your contact at Aula Medica in advance which goods will arrive, when they will arrive and where you want them placed. The delivery must be marked with the name and date of the event, the sender's name, company name and telephone number

Loading and unloading takes place at Solnavägen 7B - Transport trolley is available to borrow to transport smaller goods around the house. If you bring your own transport trolley for material, it should have rubber wheels as the floor is fragile.

Removal of material after the event 

The exhibitor/sponsor is responsible for all remaining material after the event. When the event is over, the goods must be transported away on the same day.

If this is not possible, check with the contact person at Aula Medica. Material that is not collected according to agreement is thrown away.

Goods must be provided with a waybill for collection to take place.

Building your booth

It is not permitted to:

- build booths in front of or adjacent to emergency exits. Evacuation signs and fire extinguishers must not be blocked or hidden. The height of stand walls must not exceed 2 metres.

- tape up information material on walls or windows.

- hang something from the ceiling.

- tape carpets