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Program Committee

Program Chair
Heiner Linke, Sweden

Program co-Chair
Jonas Johansson, Sweden 

Local Program Committee

Extended International Program Committee

Nanoscience, ICN+T

Joseph Stroscio, USA

Ana Gomes Silva, Portugal
Sander Otte, the Netherlands

Organic and Inorganic Thin Films and Coatings

Kristina Edström, Sweden

Francesco Fracassi, Italy
Ivan Petrov, USA
Martijn Kemerink, Sweden

Surface Science

Anders Mikkelsen, Sweden

Jonas Weissenrieder, Sweden
Leszek Markowski, Poland

Semiconductor Materials and Devices

Mikael Östling, Sweden

Ivana Capan, Croatia
Anders Larsson, Sweden
Erik Lind, Sweden
Detlev Grützmacher, Germany


Peter Björkholm, Sweden

Jay Hendricks, USA
Deborah O´Connell, Great Britain
Ivan Maximov, Sweden

Materials and Devices for Life Sciences

Fredrik Höök, Sweden

Miguel Manso, Spain
Dmitri Petrovykh, Portugal
Thomas Laurell, Sweden
Kajsa Uvdal, Sweden
Tony Turner, Sweden

Large Scale Facilities

Lars Börjesson, Sweden

Adrien Rennie, Sweden
Ian McNulty, USA
Martin Meedom Nielsen, Denmark

Responsible for IUVSTA 60th Anniversary

Anouk Galtayries, France