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European Infrastructures – From fundamental science to industrial applications

Scope: The Euro Nano Forum session “European infrastructures – From fundamental science to industrial applications” has it main focus on discussion of interaction between essential parts of the European infrastructure to provide a stimulating vibrant environment for inventions and innovations. Taking into account differences in infrastructure organisation, innovation policy, industrial development, culture and other aspects, we plan to have a dialog between the representatives of various stakeholders. This dialog should aim at highligting success stories in high-tech innovations and analysis of ingredients of the existing European infrastructures that helped interpreners to succeed.

The session will embrace the following interconnected parts of the framework:

1. Nano- and microfabrication laboratories
2. Analytical Large Scale Facilities, such as electron microscopy centers, synchrotron light and
    neutron sources
3. Research technology organisations, e.g. IMEC, RISE, TNO, VTT, SINTEF, LETI, etc
4. Academic research groups
5. Support organisations, such as innovation, patent offices etc

In terms of organisation, the session will have three panel discussions where participants of the five above-mentioned parts will present their view on innovations and industrial applications via a dialog during the panel discussions. The first two parts of the session will deal with transitions from academic research to inventions and from inventions to innovations, while the third part will focus on examples of successful use of European infrastrucutrres for industrial applications in different parts of Europe. One of the major interest of the whole would be a comparison of innovation
approaches to identify the key aspects/features, collaborative models/networking and the reasons of success.

The following are the three parts of the session:

1. From fundamental science to inventions
2. From inventions to innovations

Good innovation examples (a comparison of different models (Efficient Nanofabrication Networking Swedish, Nordic and European examples).

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