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Graphene & 2D Materials - From fundamental science to industrial applications  

Much of the European effort on graphene and other two-dimensional (2D) materials has been united under the Graphene Flagship, a one billion euros research activity jointly funded by the EU member states, associated countries and the European Commission. During the past decade this field has grown substantially and evolved from a predominantly academic endeavour to an industrial one – today, we can identify more than 170 companies in Europe that work on 2D materials, to be contrasted with the roughly one dozen that were there in 2010.

The session on 2D materials in the EuroNanoForum conference will describe the process to take these new materials from academic laboratories to society, discuss what has made this transition possible, and how we can make sure that the evolution towards higher technology readiness levels and industrialization will continue in the next decade. This development has been made possible by integrated collaborative efforts – member states working together with the EC, commercial companies acting jointly with academia, engaging people from over 20 countries – which is a model that can be successfully implemented in other domains as well and have broad and deep impacts on the European research landscape well beyond any specific topic.

The selected speakers will describe the impacts that graphene and related materials are already having in a wide variety of fields such as composite materials, energy technologies and electronics, as well as recent fundamental discoveries whose practical impacts are still a few years away. We hope that these presentations will demonstrate the need for and potential of future collaborative partnerships focusing on 2D materials.

EuroNanoForum 2023

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