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Semiconductors and new materials for future chips

Key digital technologies with a foundation in semiconductor components and systems are underlying drivers for much value creation across industrial and societal sectors in Europe. Semiconductors are critically required to make possible the digital transformation: they enable connectivity and electrification, artificial intelligence and personalized medicine, autonomous transport and energy- efficient industrial processes. 

For European resilience, independence and development of a sustainability society there is a need to strengthen Europe’s research and technology leadership towards high performance semiconductor technologies. Here we need to build and reinforce capacity to innovate in the design, manufacturing and packaging of the central technologies and address the skills shortage, attract new talent and support the emergence of a skilled workforce. A specific need is for technicians and scientists familiar with clean room techniques, with advanced semiconductor material and device characterization and production technology. We also need to provide access to the equipment and the competence needed for European stakeholders – start-up companies, institutes as well as established firms – to develop innovations from idea to market and provide employment opportunities in Europe. 

This session will contribute by highlighting the European centres of excellence within key digital technologies for building and maintaining a resilient semiconductor sector and how these centres can be connected in a Pan European network to ensure a continuous flow of innovations that will reach the market ten, fifteen or twenty years from now, and that enable Europe to be a central player across the entire value chain.

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Digitalisation is the key driver of Europe’s and the world’s transition towards a green and sustainable society. Digital technologies rely on electronic and photonic components and the software that defines how they operate. Production, development, and supply of semiconductor chips, in particular processors, are of rapidly increasing importance to Europe, and major investments are on the way. Cutting edge research, innovation and education within these inherently nano scale technologies with heavy advanced materials design are of utmost importance for transformation and future competitiveness of Europe’s industry. 

This session will contribute to the transition by highlighting the European centres of excellence within key digital technologies, and how these centres can be connected in a pan-European network to contribute to Europe’s competitiveness and resilience in semiconductor technologies.