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Tom Erixon
President & CEO
Alfa Laval Group

Peter Dröll
Director for Prosperity, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation
European Commission

Joanna Drake
Deputy Director-General of the European Commission's
Directorate-General (DG) for Research and Innovation (DG RTD)

Landon Mertz
CEO Cerion Nanomaterials

Pieter Telleman
Managing Director of the MESA+ Institute,
University of Twente Enschede
The Netherlands

Alexia Auffèves
CNRS MajuLab Singapore

Branden Brough
Director NNCO (National Nanotechnology Coordination Office)

Ann-Marie Wennberg
CEO, professor, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Maria Cerdà Sevilla 
The European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC)

Steffi Friedrichs
Founder and
Director of AcumenIST

Klaus Molmer
Professor at the Niels Bohr Institute
Copenhagen, Denmark

Anna Jöborn
CEO at the Swedish Foundation
for Strategic Environmental Research

Patrice Simon
Professor of Material Science,
Université Toulouse III

Andrea Niklas
Fundación AZTERLAN

Lya Soeteman-Hernandez
Expert at RIVM, The Netherlands

Irantzu Garmendia
Project Officer at the Joint Research Center

Andreas Rowald
Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg

Andreas Falk
CEO of BioNanoNet ForschungsGmbH

Tommaso Calarco
Professor, Director of Quantum Control (PGI-8),
FZ Jülich

Erik Khranovskyy
CEO of Grafren AB

Eicke Weber
Professor of Physics, Vice president of ISES,
co-chair of ESMC

Marcel Meeus
Managing Director at SUSTESCO

Stefan Spirk
Associate Prof. at the Institute of Paper, Pulp and Fiber Technology,
Graz University of Technology

Alexander Pogány
Expert at Austrian BMK

Susanne Norgren
Sandvik global group expert

Adam Hospital
Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Barcelona

Costas Charitidis
Prof. in the School of Chemical Engineering,
National Technical University of Athens

Darja Isaksson
Director General of Vinnova, Sweden

Christian May
Manager Sustainable Technologies for Energy and Electronics
at Fraunhofer FEP

Elias Koumoulos
CEO and Managing Director of IRES

Francesca Spyrakis
Prof. at University of Turin

Gerhard Goldbeck
Managing Director of Goldbeck Consulting Ltd

Jari Kinaret
Professor of Physics at
Chalmers University of Technology

Sandrine Lebigre
R&D Deputy Director at IPC

Maria Asplund
Prof. in Bioelectronics at
Chalmers University of Technology

Natalia Konchakova
Senior scientist at Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon,

Robert Harrison
The European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC)

Göran Wendin
Senior Adviser, Wallenberg Center for Quantum Technology
Chalmers University of Technology

Inge Asselberghs
Program Manager Process and
Module Innovation at imec

Nazih Mechbal
Professor and Director of PIMM - UMR CNRS
Arts et Métiers institute of technology, Paris

Linnea Selegård
Head of Strategy at development
Saab Dynamics

Antonio Agresti
Professor at the Department of Electronic Engineering
University of Rome Tor Vergata

Antonio Rinaldi
Staff scientist in the Sustainability Department at ENEA, Italy

Andrea Porcari
Project manager at Airi

Blanka Lenczowski
R&T Business Development Manager European Affairs and Senior Expert Material Technology at Airbus in Germany

Cissi Askwall
President of the European Science Engagement Association

Elsi-Mari Borelli
Lead Quantum Biology Researcher

Kathrine Collin Hagan
Head of Department in Danish Board of Technology

Kristina Edström
Professor of inorganic chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden

Marco Falzetti
Director of APRE

Sofie Norager
Deputy Head of Unit in the unit Industrial Transformation of DG Research and Innovation

Steffen Foss Hansen
Associate professor in regulatory engineering at Department of Environmental and Resource Engineering, Technical University of Denmark