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How to enable the inclusion of citizens and societal actors in the shaping of Advanced Materials?

Monday 12 th June, 17:00-18:00

Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are having a profound impact on our industry, economy, and society. The combination of advanced materials and manufacturing, along with digital technologies, is providing the capacity to shape and tailoring materials towards multi-functional, purpose-built, and innovative products. Technology development is increasingly intertwined with society as it is pervasive in our lives and has the potential to respond to and create tailored solutions for societal needs and challenges. A major challenge is to enable the active engagement of citizens and societal actors in the design and development of these tailored innovative solution. The big question is How to do that? And it is not enough to rely on reach out activities - giving lectures to the citizens from our Ivory Towers. We need ”something else". And it this "something else" we like to discuss.

Moreover, innovative approaches toward sustainable products and processes require holistic approaches that consider impacts along the life cycle, find synergies across different value and supply chains, and develop sharing models where cooperation of actors in innovation eco-systems, including society, becomes a precondition for success. How research, industry and business can create a trustworthy cooperation with society, increasing the value of innovations for stakeholders, shareholder, and society? How can actors along the materials value chain cooperate and align with societal actors’ needs and expectations?

The event will prompt a discussion between research, industry, science communication, and social science and humanities practitioners on needs, experiences, and perspectives to promote societal engagement in technology development. It will take advantage of learnings from the “SocKETs – Societal Engagement in Key Enabling technologies” project, which deals with materials, and digital technologies for construction, eHealth and industrial automation, and other EU initiatives in the field. The outcomes of the event will inform the development of communication and engagement strategies for future research within the Advanced Materials Initiative AMI2030.


EUMAT - European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and
NCP4 Industry - Network of National Contact Points on Horizon Europe Cluster 4 –
SocKETs – Societal Engagement with Key Enabling Technologies
 Organizing committee

• Marco Falzetti, APRE & Eumat & NCP4Industry & AMI2030
• Amaya Igartua, Tekniker & Eumat & AMI2030
• Winfried Keiper, Keiper Consulting & Eumat & AMI2030
• Andrea Porcari, Airi-Italian Association for Industrial Research and SocKETs project


17:00-17:05   Marco Falzetti, EUMAT President, AMI2030 SB, APRE Director
                        Introduction to the workshop,

17:05-17:20   Andrea Porcari, Airi and SocKETs project, IT
                        Learning on societal engagement in technology innovation

17:20-17:50   Panel Session

Sofie Norager. European Commission, moderator, BE

Blanka Lenzowski, Airbus, DE
Cissi Askwall, Vetenskap & Allmänhet, Public & Science, SE
Kathrine Collin Hagan, Danish Board of Technology and SocKETs, DK
Steffen Foss Hansen, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), DK
Roland Brandenburg, FFG - Austrian Research Promotion and M-ERA.NET, AT

17:50-17:55    Questions & Answers
17:55-18:00    Conclusions; NCP4 Industry

18:00   End of the meeting

EuroNanoForum 2023

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