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Safe and Sustainable by Design 

The “Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability” is an important step towards Europe’s Zero Pollution Ambition and the aim of a circular economy by 2050. The strategy has the “safe and sustainable by design” (SSbD) concept as an important driver of innovation to ensure safety and sustainability of chemicals and materials throughout their lifecycle.

The Commission recently adopted a Recommendation establishing a European assessment framework for ‘safe and sustainable by design’ chemicals and materials to accelerate this development. To make this framework a success, the engagement of all relevant stakeholders is of crucial importance. In addition, the European Commission published in 2022 a Strategic Research and Innovation Plan (SRIP) to describe related R&I needs across the whole life cycle of safe and sustainable chemicals and materials. This session will in its first part introduce the assessment framework and first results form the testing phase launched with the adoption of the Recommendation.

The ‘safe and sustainable by design’ concept builds on the experience acquired with the ’safe by design’ work on nanomaterials and this community’s engagement in facilitating validated safety assessment methods. The Malta Initiative was launched in 2017 with the aim to foster collaboration between stakeholders, bolster trust in sustainable innovation and support the enforceability of nanomaterial legislation (in the form of OECD Test Guidelines). This session will in its second part address the transition form the ‘safe by design’ work to the safe and
sustainable by design concept.

Expected Impact:
The proposed session will focus on informing stakeholders about the ‘safe and sustainable by design’ concept and show how it builds on experience acquired from work on nanomaterials. It should allow for a common understanding of the concept when refereed to also by other speakers in other sessions on chemicals and materials in the program.

This session will:
1. Inform stakeholders about the ‘safe and sustainable by design’ concept and the
    accompanying research activities.
2. Engage stakeholders in the testing and development of the ‘safe and sustainable by
    design’ framework.
3. Stimulate the discussion between stakeholders in order to shape the European R&I

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