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Welcome to the 15th International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors (ICNS-15)

Dear Colleague,

We are excited to announce that the next International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors - ICNS-15 will be held in the beautiful city of Malmö in Sweden from July 6 – 11, 2025.

This 15th edition of the conference celebrates 30 years of ICNS history. The first conference in 1995 was a combination of the Topical Workshop on III-V Nitrides held in Nagoya, Japan and the MRS Intl Symposium on Gallium Nitride and Related Materials held in Boston, USA, and it was followed by thirteen conferences held in Tokushima, Japan (ICNS-2, 1997); Montpellier, France (ICNS-3, 1999); Denver, USA (ICNS-4, 2001); Nara, Japan (ICNS-5, 2003); Bremen, Germany (ICNS-6, 2005); Las Vegas, USA (ICNS-7, 2007); Jeju, Korea (ICNS-8, 2009); Glasgow, UK (ICNS-9, 2011); Washington DC, USA (ICNS-10, 2013); Beijing, China (ICNS-11 2015); Strasbourg, France (ICNS-12, 2017); Bellevue, USA (ICNS-13, 2019) and Fukuoka, Japan (ICNS-14, 2023).
ICNS-15 will present high-impact scientific and technological advances in materials and devices based on group-III nitride semiconductors, and feature plenary sessions, parallel topical sessions, poster sessions and an industrial exhibition.

ICNS-15 will celebrate the achievements of Profs. Bo Monemar and Tadek Suski as honorary chairs.
As the chairs of ICNS-15, we invite you to save the date for this exciting event!

Best Regards,

Vanya Darakchieva, Piotr Perlin and Lars Samuelson

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